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  • Chromahue Day Course

    Introductory Course In Colour Therapy Design
    Valid for one week
    • Course Material
    • Worksheet
    • Questionaire Self Study
    • Colour chart Mapping
    • Healing Strategies
  • Chromahue Level 1

    A three week course in Colour Therapy Design
    Valid for 3 weeks
    • Course Materials
    • Worksheets
    • Questionaire
    • Self paced study reading
    • Digital Art files
    • Colour Schemes for home designing.
    • Specified colour healing
  • Best Value

    Chromahue Level 2

    Every month
    Advanced month by month course in Colour Therapy Design
    • Ongoing content for lifetime subscription and membership
    • Course materials
    • Worksheet
    • Questionaire
    • Colour healing chart advanced
    • Colour and Interior Design
    • Specific body healing colour therapy
    • Self Study Reading
    • Discounts for introducing new subscription members
    • Support Group and community

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